SEA LIFE Bangkok


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SEA LIFE Bangkok

Discover the wonder of more than 10,000 underwater creatures and learn all about their habitats, behaviours as you watch them in action. Choose from a host of extraordinary experiences, from a glass bottom boat tour to diving with sharks. See an array of animals, like the Giant Pacific Octopus to the little Clownfish, and find out about our Seahorse breeding programs.

Don’t miss the Shark Walk, where only a thin sheet of acrylic separates you from the Sand Tiger, Leopard and Blacktip Reef Sharks on the other side. Marvel at their beauty and learn about their habits via the interactive screens.

Then stop by the Ocean Tunnel. Walk through this aquarium highlight, while Eagle Rays and Shovel Nose Rays glide overhead. Being surrounded by sharks and schools of fish is a stellar shared experience; the family will chat about it long after the event.

 Watch the cheeky Gentoo Penguins in the Penguin Ice Playground. See these adorable black and white birds darting and diving underwater or waddling around on the ice. 

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