Ancient City


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The Ancient City, the world’s largest outdoor museum. The Ancient City has 56 years of history, founded by Mr. Lek Viriyaphant in 1963. In 1972, The Ancient City was honored to be grand opened by the King Rama 9 and Queen Elizabeth II of England. In side the Ancient City, you will be able to witness 800 years of Thai history, and learn about the Thai culture through different provinces of Thailand.

The Ancient City located in the land of 300 acre, A scientific way has been designed with the beautiful 6 zones that visit the most

The First zone, we will be visit the Baddhavas of the Substances Universe or the Golden Palace, to learn about Thai people’s Buddism religion.

The Second zone is the Central of Thailand, which is the world’s only one recovery zone of Ayutthaya kingdom.

The Third zone is the Floating Market, which is the nature style of floating market.

The Fourth zone we will visit the Chinese Buddhism culture zone, to experience the Mix culture of Thailand.

The Fifth zone is the Pavilion of the Enlightened, which is the design of the founder, and very popular photo spot on Instagram. 

The Sixth zone we will visit the Kantoke restaurant, we will be having Thai Imperial Meal there.

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