Elephant Jungle Sanctuary



Half Day Program and Feed Me Program

A half-day Program ( Morning  / Afternoon) offers visitors an enjoyable opportunity to spend quality time with elephants in their natural home, as well as gain an insight into their history and behavior. 

  • Pick up  from the hotel   in Pattaya city to the Sanctuary. 
  • Enjoy a welcome snack, tea or coffee and meet English-speaking guide to learn about elephants.
  • Meet the elephants. Feed them and play, interact and take photos with the elephants in a natural setting.
  • Mud spa with elephants. Apply a healthy cosmetic, mud treatments to their skin, 
  • Walk with the elephants shower them and join them in the water. Take a swim and help bathe and brush the elephants 
  • Eat a lunch or dinner of traditional Thai food an seasonal fruit.
  • Before saying goodbye to the elephants, you can learn how to make Elephant poop paper.

Feed Me Program: ( Times:  Morning 9.30 and Afternoon  15.30)
      - Learn about how to make the paper products from elephant poop fibers.
      - Feed and learn about elephants behavior and history. 

Half Day Program:   

Price: Adult 2,900 Baht    Child 4-10 years  1,900 Baht   Child 1-3 years free of charge Service. 

Service includes: 

  • Round tri 




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