Sanctuary of Truth Museum



"Who are we? Where are we from? How do we survive? and What is our life purpose?" Here at the Sanctuary of Truth Museum, our answers are exhibited through the wooden sculptures around the museum and waiting for you to explore the Seven Truths of Life.

Who are we" Where are we from (The 1st Truth) : We all compound with four classic elements (earth, water,wind,fire)

How do we survive (The 2nd Truth): From birth to death, our life depends on nature.

How is our life going (The 3rd, 4th Truth): We brought nothing to the world, so we cannot take anything out of it, however, our good or bad actions remain.

Self-development principles (The 5th Truth) guide you to create your life purposes. Associate with good people; Surround yourself with positive people; Apply self-sufficiency concept in your life;  Be a lifelong learner; Use your knowledge and skills to generate achievement; Be careful with your words; Take care of your family; Never give up to something you really want; Give a hand to those who need it; Give back to those who support you.

However, as a human being, we are not meant to be alone, we have to enter into relationships with others. Therefore, we need to learn some appropriated ways to treat people in the society (The 6th Truth) to achieve.

A society full of generosity, politeness and humility, respect, understanding and accepting difference, justice, apology and forgiveness, gratitude and harmony. Step to happiness, love, kindness and balance of nature. These would happen if we started with ourselves and family (The 7th Truth). The expand to a society level. Finally, to world peace.

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